Dublin Animal Hospital

Medical Services

Dublin Animal Hospital has four exam rooms and a five station treatment area. Patients needing wellness exams and routine vaccines and services can be seen by appointment or dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon. Patients with illness are preferred to be seen by appointment.

Surgical Services

Dublin Animal Hospital has a high quality surgical suite where anesthesized patients have body temperature, oxygenation, heart and respiration rates constantly monitored by a licensed veterinary technician. Our veterinarians have extensive experience in routine and emergency surgical procedures.


Dublin Animal Hospital offers safe and comfortable boarding facilities for dogs, cats, avians and exotic pets. Personal bedding, toys, and food are encouraged, and every effort is made to make all pet guests feel at home. Dogs are walked three times daily in a secured, fenced lot and are allowed free time with a signed, off-leash waiver. Our animal caretakers are trained to monitor appetite, activity and bathroom habits, and advise our veterinarians of any concerns. Cat guests are kept in a separate room to minimize noise and stress. Pets with special medical needs are gladly welcomed.


Dublin Animal Hospital offers routine and medicated baths, flea control products and grooming services. Our groomer is available weekdays and has over 25 years experience. She is always happy to discuss with owners what type of cut is expected.


Dublin Animal Hospital has an extensive in-house laboratory allowing for rapid results to streamline diagnosis of the sick pet. Blood chemistries, complete blood counts, parasite screens, urinalysis and some tick borne disease are all tests that can be performed in minutes.

5720 Bagging Plant Road, Dublin, VA
 ·  (540) 674-4706